Dear African youths on this medium,Cameroon is calling on Kenya,Gambia,Nigeria, Somalia and other African countries to use this network and form the African youth council,that will help to identify,access and promote the regional progress of the MDGs.

If we access problems from the national level to regional and international, the coherent methodology will give a vivid description on what has been done and where to move next.

I personally encourage this idea considering the educational,health and economic situation of some areas in the continent that this network can jointly promote voluntary work and widely push for the fast progress of the  MDGs regionally.

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the move is highly welcomed  and i believe it is long over name is vera ogembo from kenya and would like  to work with you towards this move,thnks
We should put our heads together for the idea to be matured.
i buy your idea, and if all chapters in Africa can come together and meg forces, we will make great impact

thats true but what really matters is one idea then maybe the other chapters can come up to either join in or come up with other ideas,i applaud the effort you are putting


I believe we have the potential to be united and face our challenges in more sustainable manner and this is the period.
That is a nice idea. you have my support on this. I am Fatosa Olutosin Oladimeji from Nigeria

Dear Comrades,

                        Great thanks for your support on the proposed idea.we should reach out to other African  colleagues.From hear i believe we can move a head after further contacts with our brothers and sisters.We should not relent our efforts in encouraging our countries to share this idea for fast results. We are drivers of our destinies,we need to be more determine as leaders of today and tomorrow in identifying  and seeking solutions to African problems and facing the challenges through networking and collaboration.

The earlier we diverse methods in reaching other youth leaders from neighboring countries to support this suggestion the better.

One of the ways to expand this idea is to make provisions for funding all the Chapters should be supported in the publicity of this idea and we should at the sustainable development of this idea.

Fatosa my neighbor, how is Nigeria? As drivers of their destinies, we should intensify our networking to enhance our development.
Sone, Nigeria is fine. we can make it happen!
I support this idea.
Thanks very much. we need to move forward.




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