Coexistentialism is a comprehensive knowledge system that fosters wholistic and harmonious living. It is a new development in human understanding which proposes that all of existence is in the form of coexistence. Everything is related to everything else, nothing exists in isolation. There is an inherent harmony and balance in existence and everything in nature is  complementary and mutually enriching each other. In order for us to be in harmony and balance within and with all, we need to understand coexistence and live accordingly. Knowledge of existence and knowledge of self (‘I’) leads to knowledge of humane conduct (how to live in harmony with human beings and all of nature). Living with humane conduct is the foundation for actualizing harmony and sustainability on Earth.


Coexistentialism inspires people to live harmoniously by providing wholistic solutions for all facets of human life – personal, family/interpersonal, social and ecological. It proposes a comprehensive, yet simple and practical understanding by which we can achieve a sustainable and harmonious co-existence between humankind and the rest of nature. This proposal is completely verifiable through experience and experimentation.


Coexistentialism provides a new ‘alternative‘ in the fields of education, health, economics, production and management models, technology, and ecological sustainability. An exploration of coexistentialism reveals that whatever problems or questions one has, there is always an answer in existence.
we Faith Circle- Empowering Civil Society do these works... expecting your ideas and opinions.

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Thanks Muhammad Faheem! I admire this post from you. Though, I tend to ask, what do you think how can we first apply it in our society and by proposing a way, will you commit to make a change and I am in it with you as well, (Practically) Thank you!

Thank you very much Ahmed. there are so many ways to apply but i have select one of them. please read this breif introduction also FAITH CIRCLE (for read CLICK HERE) and this article will be continue as soon as possible, where i'l point out you what we do. 

I cordially expect your commitment. we will join soon. bye now!




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