If there is one country where the International Youth Council (IYC) should come in to promote and improve economic and social wellbeing of the people, that country should be Sierra Leone.


There are so many economic and sound problems that affect the lives of Sierra Leoneans that one is confused as to what particular economic and social issue or issues to start with. I think one issue that sticks out like a sore thumb is the issue of unemployment. Most young people and graduates do not have jobs. Even those that are fortunate to be employed are poorly paid. It will surprise most people to know that some employees take home pay cannot take them home.


The question is - why would a country like ours with vast mineral deposits and great economic potential is not able to create adequate and well-paid jobs for its citizen especially the young people? The answer to this question is mainly poor economic policies made worse by corruption; mismanagement and wrong attitudes and behaviors among other vices. IYC should come in to help shape the current economic and social policies in Sierra Leone. The resources are there, but policies and programmers to make these resources meaningful are lacking.    

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