we have got sick of the sentence ; '' but you are too young to do it ''

Do those people know how large is our dreams ?

How capable are we ?

Have they asked themselves what we can do ?

I was about to make a video conference -a simple one - in my home country but I can not even move forward because of a  Decision that I did not get from the ministry of Education and I think they did not replied to me if I can do it or not because I am a young guy...

Let me See

Youth have won their freedom in Egypt ,Tunisia and Libya  just by being so brave ato stand for their rights ..

Just give a youth a wide area and support him/ her and you will see the Energy he/she got ....

Youth you got to stand for your rights , fight   for your opinions and release your energy to help the community you are living in . 

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That's true. we can't stay aside any longer .




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