Education these days face a lot of problem .The hugest one is the  Ignorance pr in other words rawness.Over the centuries governments was trying to get a solution for it .Some of these governments have solved a part of it .Well, I am going to give a solution to solve a part of this puzzle .

Self learning is one of the active solutions that I have been thinking of .Imagine people searching for the knowledge themselves ..How would it be ?? 

There is one problem ,not all the people can read and write ,Am I right ??

How can we solve this part of the puzzle ??

E-Learning is one of the Solutions .People who are around the Ignorant people should teach them how to get in e-Classes or teach them how to read and write , but I prefer the E-Classes because it will not cost a lot of money for poor countries ,I mean not more than teaching then in schools 

After reading this ideas 

What is your opinion about it ???

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Well I think E-class is only for private school or school in the city. We also need to consider the class in the village. The ability to access the server is also needed to be considered. Thank you ^.^

It's certainly not a perfect solution, but, as we move towards a more technological world, the concept of e-learning is worth keeping in mind. For those who desire to learn, e-learning may be a cost effective model if we can make it accessible.

That's true, self learning is truly the most effective way of learning, I myself have experienced the difference between leaning at school, and learning myself.

And that is a problem that we have to tackle, the fact that many people, especially the youth nowadays, do not know how to read or write, but they can easily be handled by giving only a few lessons, enough to start them off, and from there, they could build up on it.

Although if children were to seek out the knowledge themselves, they wouldn't be bound to the school curriculum that is posed onto the other youth attending schools. They would, instead seek out knowledge in the field that they would enjoy working on.

For instance, someone who enjoys working with cars, would seek out knowledge in the field of mechanics/mechanical engineering, and so on.

But yes, this is a very good part of the solution that we are all seeking out for the better well being for youth around the world. :)



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