Good Morning Everyone,

I take to this platform today to express my unreserved dissatisfaction about the state of IYC affairs in Nigeria. Having been a member for the past threw years, i can say categorically that I have not attended any National meeting or forum organized by the National Leadership. Understanding the various obstacles is quite justified but there is a dire need to address the issue for the betterment of our Nation and the continent at large.

It was on this premise that Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, who is presently attending the UN Youth Assembly based his questions to the International Executive Council and he is right. WE MUST REVIVE IYC for Good.
I need responses here on the way forward.

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Peaceful Resolution Comes With Equity And Fair Hearing.

i support you on this. I mean why do we start a council and keep quite ? Even our silent isn't productive . I was in the winter youth assembly in UN headquarters i must say there were so many nigerian present . They came from all over the world . We need actions . Reach me if you feel my burn. 

I feel your burn and i must say finally, the house is in order even though a clear direction is still elusive but we do have a way forward. Lets engage better. Connect via email

I joined the Council about a month ago. I have'nt seen any action yet. I may not know much about it past activities, but I will like to know more exclusively. Kindly contact me via mail

You are right. I think all member that are from Nigeria irrespective of the country we reside needs to all come together, lets meet to deliberate on the way forward, and have a string voice. 

That will be very nice......... plz you people should keep me posted
Let everyone of us drop our Email so I will try connect with us so we can begin plans to take this to the next level. Thank you. My mail is
My email address is
Can We create a whatsapp Group so we can be closer in planning.

it seems like nothing is happening in Nigeria, this is my email ...

my name is Nnamdi Temple Anunihu, I joined about a year ago and I will like to be carried along as well. whoever will spear-head the cordination of Nigerians in this regard should kindly include my email in whatever mode of dissemination of information on the subject matter.  thanks.




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