What do you think are the world's most important political issues? Is the age old Israel Palestine issue? Or the war on terror? Leave your opinions below!

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   The most important political issues are the Arab Spring and Homophobia. First and formost, the Areb Spring seen  and used as a weapon to destablize and distroy the arab strength so that there will be less compitition with the west. Politicians need to put a stop to this otherwise it will spread its tentacles to the rest of the world without exception. The second Homophobia, this idea is called Obamalosophy (Obama's phylosophy). It is intended to provide cheap popularity for Obama's administration BUT this is a phylosophy that angers the Almioghty God and the world need to be very much careful not to adopt this OTHERWISE serious punishments from the Almighty God will follow.

In my opinion, the hypocrisy of American politics and the wars for the benefit of their personal interests in South Asian countries and anywhere else for that matter. Should America be sincere in creating a better world for mankind to live, of course there would not have been any conflicts or wars going along in several territories, where unfortunately innocent people lose their lives in millions. 

The war on terror is basically a war for mineral resources to maintain American supremacy in the coming 100 years as everyone know that fossil-fuels are finishing at a faster rate. Already, there are heaps of mineral resources in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and adjoining countries have been sold without no notice from the corrupt politicians of these countries. America is doing everything that is against the rule of humanity and their own constitution, while that being said, I hope people shall rise and save the Earth before we will be looking that wars are fought on energy issues. 

i think the Isrel is creating issues for rest of the world. i dont know why the UN security council is silent on Gaza Issue , why they are killing innocent children and women. Hitler has done a Good job to kill them. 

Hammas has been killing innocents too. The fact that you find the extermination of a group of people justifiable is honestly gross. Say the target of this massive genocide were Muslims? Would you really think it to be a "Good job" to eradicate them because they are involved in a conflict? 

I feel like specific issues are not the "most important". General topics apply to every area of the globe, but there are areas that are not affected by certain specific issues. I think the general topics of extreme poverty, human rights, health, and environmental protection are four of the most pressing and global issues. These issues are huge issues throughout every inch of the world. The issues are an umbrella that cover more specific sub topics that are pressing issues.

Extreme poverty is obviously important. It is the root of so many bad and unstable economies, it is the reason many countries cannot move out of the beginning stages of the demographic transition, and it limits healthcare and education.

Health is important, obviously, because it provides more stable living environments. We consistently see high death rates and high birth rates. We see high death rates due to disease and perpetually bad health and we see high birth rates to keep up the population. However these children are being born with poor health and deal with poor health all their life.

Human rights are extremely important in even the most developed countries. Government accountability is a huge subtopic here, because oftentimes, unyielding nationalism is the cause of government corruption. Even when human rights are thought to be granted, they are not enforced and rights continue to be restricted. And in the poorer countries, these aren't even faux rights. Blatant discrimination is customary the majority of the time and this sort of treatment is unacceptable and horrific throughout every country.

Climate realities are being recognized slightly, but the actions being taken aren't enough. Lesser developed countries (LDCs) tend to not have enforcement of environmental protection rules, and especially since many of them rely on oil manufacturing, this tends to be a problem. And then with more developed countries, we have such a big population and such a big consumption rate and such a high amount of environmentally harmful material without much consideration to the effects. This is already having catastrophic results.

There is not one single 'most important' issue. Depending on the region we inhabit, our ranking of issues will obviously change. 

For example, in the Middle East, obviously the biggest issues are the armed conflicts and the blatant neglect of Human Rights. On the other hand, in Latin America we would probably put up poverty and its results (illiteracy, lack of healthcare, and overall diminished quality of life) as our top priorities. We should aim to focus on local problems and their solutions before reaching out and trying to solve more world-wide problems. 




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