In my view, the clamour for youths to be more active in international development would be grossly unsuccessful if the youths themselves are not interested. And we should be, because each passing moment, the world as we know it is changing, obviously for the worse. The youths can bring about positive transformation not only because we are better than the old brigade but because we have a fresher perspective on things and a more embracing outlook of the world!

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This comment has been featured as a great P.O.V (Point of View) - do any other youths have an opinion on this general statement? How can youth take on leadership roles in furthering the MDGs and bringing about change in our world?
Fact. The challenge faced with is how to get their attention.

I agree to you on this, the youths are much more interested in other things than looking around for their future. We should keep a check on the world, we are next generation and soon it will be our time to keep a hold of the world. Time to be serious.


I believe that there are many people out there who are aware of the rising developmental struggles in the world today; however,they don't take action because they simply are not educated strongly enough about the severity of the situation. Education, in my view, is a key factor in promoting sustainable development. People EVERYWHERE must be educated so that they understand what is going on, so that they understand exactly how they can help. 

Another, more superficial, point is that some people think it isn't "cool". I see this in many teenagers today, such as in my school. Through education, this faulty outlook can be erased then replaced by a need to bring about positive transformation. 

I understand and believe that there has been a considerable increase in youth participation at social and environment level in the year 2011.  More so because a great number of organizations have stepped forward and youth is getting more strongly connected with efforts of many youth groups who are engaging each other in positive thought building process.  Yes there is need for the responsible states also to address and believe in the power of the youth and give them more chances.  I feel youth is the only HOPE OF OUR FUTURE and if youth are part of the decision making process they will shoulder the responsibility and be prepared for the consequences if the promises they make are not delivered.

There have been more youth conferences in 2011 and 2012 than ever before, especially because of Rio +20 took place which allowed an opportunity to youth voices be heard and YOUTH from all around the world is UNITED and one in the thought that there must be accountability, responsibility, facility and deliverance, and there must be no LET GO    


Simran Vedvyas

Chapter Coordinator Dubai- UAE


You are right but you also have to understand that it is difficult for every group of youth  of every country to focus on international development if each group is focus on different things. Some are even trying to fix the same problem using different approaches.


You also have to understand that the youth feels like they dont have a voice when it comes to speaking up to higher power. As you saw from Rio +20, most youth is getting it. But not all.  We need the youth to understand that they are no longer the minorities but they are starting to have a voice in international issues.

^ I agree with that, and I feel that the best way to get them to realize that they actually can have a voice in world affairs is by opening their eyes to all of the issues facing mankind today. That might sound as if its easier said than done, but it's not really all that difficult. 

Show anyone that they can make a small change, then convincing them that they can make a big change won't take much effort. 

It is not  about to be just interest in development or changing the world to be better , this change must be the youth goal and the dream we all must do our best chasing it till we catch up this goals . Youth generation like new blood or new heart which bring the life back to the world.These aren't dreams or something we just talk about change and active the role of youth generation is  our work which we do every day , we breath it , we see it , we know we can do it .


Having Young People involved in decision making within their own country and internationally is how we are going to give them the platform to become young leaders. Many young people are set back economically in attending events such as these where they are able to give their opinion. I also think there is need to pressure members of parliament ect in order to get young people more involved in pressing issues locally and Internationally  By giving them a platform to do this and get more involved in organisations that can make a difference, we really can make our youths into potential leaders.

That's True!

The youth today are the only hope for a postive future to somehow change this world. Most youth are interested in international development in my opinion, because we are all out there to seek a change for the better. With the news telling us everyday about how our world is corrupt, we only value for a difference we can make. 




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