In my view, the clamour for youths to be more active in international development would be grossly unsuccessful if the youths themselves are not interested. And we should be, because each passing moment, the world as we know it is changing, obviously for the worse. The youths can bring about positive transformation not only because we are better than the old brigade but because we have a fresher perspective on things and a more embracing outlook of the world!

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In my own version,i am standing diametrically opposed to your assertion as far as the interest of the youth is concerned in the development agenda.It is an irrefutable fact that the Gobal youth are the minority players in developmental issues,however i dispute the claims that such culminate from their complacency.This call for youth leadership has always been an ideal issue resounding in our ears for many years,but it has been very impractical. For some obscure reasons the international community have created a new defination for the youth,which in this case,different from the definition which we the youth actually know and familiar with. That definition is the reason why today our societies lack trust to let the youth assume leadership positions and lead their societies.

My point is that if both the government and the private sector are saying out loud that the youth are the future of this international community,then why to an extent the youth are being excluded from leadership positions?. This youth must be there,and be taught there,not just from an outside podium. Our leaders have sunk in the pool of politics in the expense of dire socio-economic issues affecting our the gobal societies.They have been subjugated by political indifferences and got blinded to attend to the promises they have made to the youth. To make them understand that they are not the victims of their developments but the very architect of it.To develop them into being leaders of tomorrow. So my point of departure here is that we need to identify all the factors that undermine  youth leadership and further annihilate those impendances. let us all unite and change the idea of youth being scapegoats. Thank you very much





Your view is well taken and valid. Still we need to consider the issue of leadership less from what the old order has acquiesced to give out and more from what the youth can take. And by saying this I am not being wholly idealistic, there is an impracticality in a youth that waits to be invited to the table and whose agenda is set by the old order.

The independence of many African colonies were fought an won by youths at that time. It was youths that drafted most constitutions, youths that became diplomats, youths that fought wars? What has changed? Have we suddenly mutated to a weaker specie? Or were we just too pampered?

Good text...It reminds me all things that are happening here in Brazil, we youth,  are showing interest, but don't show how we want to change, we say: more health! But when asked about how change the health system, they say it's problem of the government! I'm youth but don't agree with this king of thinking, if we want to change (and we want) it's needed  really interest and search about health, systems that work. It isn't only want to change, we need to know how change. 




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