Towards Global Peace and Prosperity, Where does the Youth comes in?

I am passionate about ideas that enhance peace and prosperity, not just by a nation or region, but by individuals therein. Without people, there can possibly be no country, and in the same vein without people, there appears to be no need for leaders or leadership.

However, statistics more than often showcase the wealth of nations and a blossom interrelationship between nations. To this extent, if there could be no existence of any nation without people, how exactly does wealth gets distributed within the societal platforms that makes a nation?

In every society, or in most, so to say, the Youths constitute a great percentage of the people. In Nigeria for example, there are an estimated population of about 70% of youths in the entire population. How then does this majority constituency influences the outcome of a wealthy nation, region of globe?

I will appreciate practical ideas from diverse fields, as well as facts backed with evidence, or realistic possibilities.

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