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Welcome to the IYC's discussion on the UN Commission on Sustainable Development. Youth globally are represented at this event by the Major Working Group of Children and Youth (aka the Youth Caucus).


This group of civil society represents all youth and children globally. That means, if you are under 25, then they represent you. However, it is vital that you get involved so that you participate and ensure that your voice is heard at an international level.


Get involved:


Read / investigate


Agenda 21: http://www.un.org/esa/dsd/agenda21/

Youth Caucus Position Paper for UNCSD-19: http://www.un.org/esa/dsd/csd/csd_pdfs/csd-19/sg-reports/CSD-19-MG-...


We will keep you posted once it is time to draft statements online during early May. 



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