The most powerful and most influential institution in the world the (United Nations), comprising of the most powerful and wealthest nations, yet again ''bow'' down to the will of individual nations. The United Nations is expected to police the ''whole world'' ''but'' because of the strength of certain nations, the international law (concensus documents of the UN) are in a dialema. For the UN to regain the dignity it deserves, it should have the final say in world politics. The UN should put an end to tyrany and should not support or encourage rebellion, Should take the lead in the fight against poverty without regard to race, color or creed. The UN should equally treat refugees in any part of the world, infact the refugees should be the assets of the UN. 

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 The U.N is doing everything possible to implement her Chater.

 The U.N promots a conflict free Nation and encourages sustainable development especially in the developing countries of Africa and Asia by sponsoring and granting enlightenment campaigns and educational programs in this  countries using her affiliate organizations in this countries.

 Let join hands together to ensure the sustainable development of developing  countries by projecting the MDG's.




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