What ought to be the aims of reducing the need for motorized mobility?

The daily rising demand for both people and goods' mobility has resulted in the increasing levels of congestion on the road system, unacceptable loss of human lives resulting from transport-related incidents and posing serious threats to the fragile natural environment. Thus the need for reducing motorized mobility to promote sustainable practices in the way individuals and institutions choose to travel and manage the negative consequences of transportation are therefore of paramount importance.

To achieve this, there is a great need for public and corporate awareness and then the willingness to initiate and actively apply practices with the objective of making transportation more sustainable among as many organizations as possible. 

While this strategy encompasses major improvements in the physical transportation infrastructure, at the core of it lays a need for major change in human behavior and use of innovative practices in the transport environment.

Simran Vedvyas- United Arab Emirates

Moderator for the policy discussion- IYC Member 

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I totaly aggre with you!

Why not making an advocay ?

Well so far the reduction of motorized mobility is concerned we cannot reduce it because of the day by day increasing population which is of also great concern.The most important to save the thounsands of lives who encounteres road accidents is that personally i think that it will be very good to specify the routes for  cars,buses and goods transporters and for the environment it is to design new cars that are eco-friendly and to install the new eco-friendly technology in old cars which will save us from the menace of pollution threat.

Very valid comments Muhammad, I would like to add to this by re-sating that with the innovative new eco friendly vehicles there is a great need to installing ways of like may be having special fuel fill ups or power charge points and more importantly these technologies must be available to masses at cheaper and affordable price tags
Simran Vedvyas
Moderator (United Arab Emirates)
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