Youth participation is central to the development of youth and to that of their communities. This is
all the more important, since the absence of agency can lead youth to choose negative social
roles, including gang membership and participation in personal and political violence. The effective
engagement of youth as key partners requires an enabling environment that provides them with
opportunities to be seen and heard, to take action and toinfluence. This entails the recognition of their rights to effectively and meaningfully participate at all levels of decision-making. UNESCO is one of the international orga nisations that supports youth to develop theirskills and effectively exercise their civic and political rightsand strengthens national and regional structures to fully and effectively involve youths in political and social arenas. As a unique regular mechanism within the United Nations system enabling youth participation in
UNESCO’s highest decision-making body, the General Conference. In addition, UNESCO focuses
on the promotion of youth social entrepreneurship as a prerequisite for youth to acquire the
knowledge and build the capacity which will enable them to engage in economic entrepreneurship
from an early age.ignificant feature of this effort is the UNESCO Youth Forum.likewse we as youths are the leaders of today and tommoroww thus we should also have a say in the day to activities that shape  and nature our societies.

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