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According to UNDP , Bangladesh is the most vulnerable country to climate change. It is estimated that about 17% of total surface area will be down into water by 2040 because  of  sea level rise.The observed data a from 1970 to 2000 indicates that the earth surface temper autumn is staringature is gradually increasing. tHerefore,autumn is starting in late and spring is comimg in earlier. On the other hand,the duration of  winter  is decreasing Bangladesh. These are affecting food production system.

Climate change has affected on agricultural production and food security  through extreme change  of  temperature, rainfall  and water  supply  in many areas. A study  showed that 27%  of Aus crops, 61%  of Wheat and 55% of irrigation crops  negatively affected by the impact of climate change.Many reserach proved that the rete of sea-level rise is gradually increased during last two decades.The ice melting of the Arctic, Himalayan and Siberian etc is increasing  sea-level rise miay affect over 70million people in Bangladesh.Rise of sea level is a cause of water salinity in many regions which is affecting on drinking many regions which is affecting on drinking water crisis and agricultural production. On the otherhand, rise of sea level  will  create problem urban draininges.

Climate change  has already  affected ecological systems throughout the world The natural calamities and extreme weather  is destroying ecosystem and biodiversity. Like the Sidr of 2007 greatly affected the Sundarbans ecosystem and biodiversity.

Human health is highly  affected  by the  climate change because it has increased natural disaster,extreme weather and food crisis. So the consequences of climate change has increased diarrhoea and malnutrition etc. Already  these problems have increased in Bangladesh, Bhutan, india, Maldives, Myanmer and Nepal. Floods result in spread out of water- borne diseases.

Climate change mitigation

The UN defines mitigation in the context of climate change, as a human intervention to reduce the sources or enhance the sinks of greenhouse gases. Examples include using fossil fuels more efficiently for industrial processes or electricity generation, switching to renewable energy(solar energy or wind power), improving the insulation of buildings, and expanding forests and other "sinks" to remove greater amounts ofcarbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


The following steps should be taken to make the planet aswellas our Motherland Bangladesh
clean and green
1) Reduce the use of fossil fuels.
2) Find alternative energy resources.
3) Recycle usable resources.
... 4) Enhancing forestation will reduce the carbon- di
-oxide level, thereby decreasing the green house
5) Necessity measures are taken for gradual phasing
out of CFCs and reducing emission of other pollutants.
6)Steps should be taken to develop transfer and
exchange technologies,human resources and expertise to
face human and mitigate the problems of green house
effect in the vulnerable countries.
7)Law should be enacted prohibitting throwing of mills
and factory wastes to water sources.Strict observance
or monitoring should also ensured.
8)The world community should raise strong voice to
stop dumping of nuclear wastes as well as complete ban
on nuclear test.
9)Use of leaded fuel should be banned and use of
plastic materials and polythene should be prohibited.
10)Over the world, it is time demand for developing
countries like Bangladesh,India, Pakistan, there
should be well drainage system to pass away waste
materials,wastage and poisonous chemicals.
11)Give more emphasis about more and more planting
trees because planting trees to help combat global
12)A national world wide program for global warming
should be more established.Our civil society must come
forward,if the civil society must come forward with
motivational programs,people will come forward with a
move ment, which in turn may ensure Governmental
13)Our househods(Developing countries like
Bangladesh,India,Pakistan) should be made it
understand that it is their civic responsibility not
only to through the wastes randomly rather to keep
into the dustbins sothat the personnel can easily
collect them and make it useful to roduce biogas and
electricity like developed country, which n't only
reduces environmental pollution also blessings for


Climate change concerns and the need to reduce carbon emissions are driving increasing growth in the renewable energy industries. Some 85 countries now have targets for their own renewable energy futures, and have enacted wide-ranging public policies to promote renewables. Low-carbon renewable energy replaces conventional fossil fuels in three main areas: power generationhot waterspace heating, and transport fuels. Scientists have advanced a plan to power 100% of the world's energy with windhydroelectric, and solar power by the year 2030.In Bangladesh Dr. Yunus has already  started Sustainable Energy based Solar Energy , Biogas project  at  rural communities. I am looking forward to work with this program .Peace, love and Best Wishes.

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It's really an important topic in our global issues and most relevant one with Bangladesh situation. The highest vulnerability relies upon us and it's the responsibility of all of us make the world coping with the climate change effect. Particularly the youths should come forward and take their innovative thinking towards the betterment of the world.

Greetings, Thanks, Peace n love my country Joynul Bro for your insightful comment! Peace, love and Best Wishes.




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