What do think about the issue of Dr. Muhammad Yunus and his ideas towards a poverty free Bangladesh?

Recently, Dr. Muhammad Yunus has been a great issue in Bangladesh regarding his professional life and also the ideas he developed. It also involves the global community as well to be concerned about the issue related with him. He is definitely a great and big personal in the country, but at the same time his ideas and principles of his micro-credit and social business have a great debate over the world with opposition to him.  As a Bangladeshi youth what is your view on this fact?? Please, come forward to this issue with a courageous disscussion or debate with your logical approaches.

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Definitely he is a great personality and there is no doubt about it. Before arguing with this sensitive issue, we must justify our position for the arguments. What do you think about this issue?? Is it only related with the micro credit business and its positive and negative side or with the political backlash? From my point of view, the problem is more connected and has been a great concern for the politicians..I do have respect for Dr. Muhammad Yunus as a Nobel Laureate and the other politicians too. But things are gone far away to talk or act like the diplomats about them. The problem is associated with both sides of the party. But I am really frustrated with the role of the concerned people on this issue. I can't find any incident like this where the nobel  laureate is constantly fighting for his honor, existence and the prestige against the court! If I am not wrong the concerned people already made their decisions years ago about Dr. Yunus as chairperson of Grameen Bank. Then what went wrong to them that they become so furious about the issue? Still we are facing problems of poverty, Environment, disasters and so on. Yes, in a democratic society like Bangladesh, the ruling political party has the legal right to establish their strong position against the rival parties through people oriented programs or decisions. But using Dr. Yunus as a trump card for political interest is not and can never be a good idea for any political party. If we have problems with the Grameen Bank, then its alright but sharing this critical problem throughout the world can never bring a better image for our country. We can always solve our problem within our territory and can maintain our national privacy..This is it for now..Please feel free to comment on my arguments and I have more to talk about the issue if the people feel interested:-)
Yeah, to some extent i agree with ashfaq vaia. Dr. Md Yunus and Grammen Bank is quite a sensitive issue. What vaia said that sharing the problem with the world can never bring any kind of better image for our beloved country, is no doubt true. But my ques is, whether micro credit have brought out an expected result( changing the scenario of extreme poor) or not??  Showing a profound respect to Dr Yunus, one and only Nobel Laureate of our country, i just want to know what was his motive in favour of micro credit project??
Dr muhammad younus's bank may not go with our religious value.. But people against his success pick religious black mail... Cz being a muslim i do agree, bt being a realist,I think we live in muslim country not in Islamic country...Bt he brought new Bangladesh to the world.. At the end i shd say tht " it takes 2 to make a quarrel" bt wt is our personal mater, we expose to public solution for it.. Ghorer ta ghorei mituk na
With due respect to Dr. Yunus, he is a business man with a mask of social responsibility. And from the theory of business we have learnt owner gains over discriminating of his workers (for info: check any economics book). His theory of Micro-Finance still in a controversial way. He is a Nobel Laureate, we respect him but why don't we make Grameen Bank justify in front of the country? Is Dr. Yunus above the LAW? Just make it TRANSPARENT.




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