Passing on the flame to future generations- Olympics When Sport can Change the World

In Greek mythology, Prometheus brought humankind a spark of fire from the gods to make humans masters of the elements. Through its mythical origins, fire embodies reason, the illumination of the mind, freedom and the creative spirit. In Ancient Greece, and particularly Athens, torch races were held in honour of the gods of fire. At the modern Olympic Games, a flame was first lit in the Amsterdam stadium in 1928. Only since the 1936 Berlin Games does the torch relay exist. The flame burns throughout the Games, and is extinguished only at the closing ceremony. The relay starts in Olympia, in Greece, where the flame is lit using the sun’s rays. Then the flame is taken to the city hosting the Games. On the way, the flame announces the Olympic Games and transmits a message of peace and friendship between peoples. The relay route is highly symbolic.

Simran Vedvyas, IYC Chapter Coordinator for United Arab Emirates based in Dubai, is proud as the Youngest OlympicTorch Bearer from the Gulf region who carried the Olympic Flame during London Olympics Games 2012, at Hinderwell, York- United Kingdom on 18th June 2012 


Simran is one of the only six chosen from UAE.  Nominated and sponsored by Samsung Gulf Electronics as social campaigner and a -star- student of the school, Simran aspires to represent Peace, Unity and Friendship. 


Simran supported and spread awareness and help for those suffering from diabetes, who soetimes even end up getting their foot amputated due to diabetic foot and end up with lifelong misery due to poverty and limited resources.  She chose Diabetes because Diabetes is a Global Problem with devastating human, social and economic impact. Today more than 300 million people worldwide are living with diabetes.  Each year another 7 million people develop diabetes. One out of every four citizens of the United Arab Emirates has Diabetes.  With the second-highest diabetes rate in the world, treatment gobbles up an estimated 40 percent of the national health care budget. Her decision to stand by the side of those who are suffering with Diabetes and over all the moral and support according to her limited means which were represented by sharing some of her own shoes, collecting from the community and buying some pairs of new shoes inspired many others to join in and support the cause.


Simran says- This was one of the instances when I realized that ‘we’ the people can make a difference to simplify the lives of others.  I’d say never doubt that an individual thinking that he/she cannot change the world, because in my opinion the only thing that has changed the world is Inspiring and determined Individuals.

This was truly a MOMENT TO SHINE

Olympic Flame carried by School Girl Simran Vedvyas from United Arab EmiratesSimran Vedvyas, United Arab Emirates London Olympics Torch BearerLondon Olympics Official WebsiteSimran Vedvyas, United Arab Emirates Chapter in Dubai


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