The International Youth Council Kenya Chapter in conjunction with the Ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan Development will hold a Nairobi Youth Peace Forum on 30 -31 May from 9:30 at in the Kenyatta International Conference Centre , Nairobi on the theme “Creating a Sustainable City:  Empowering Youth with Better Job Opportunities for Peace”.


Young people in Kenya continue to be the hardest hit by the job crisis and are the faces of violence.  In Nairobi, youth unemployment and underemployment rates have reached alarming levels.  According to the latest figures from the International Labor Organization, an unprecedented 81 million young people were unemployed or and working in jobs of poor quality with a majority residing in cities. This makes youth vulnerable to economic shocks and easily falls prey to violence gangs, crime and drug abuse.


With Kenya’s next general election looming, The International Youth Council Kenya Chapter will hold series of County Youth Peace Forum in the 47 counties to promote youth roles as ambassadors of peace rather than agents of violence. The youth can be assets and positive powerful force in the society given their numerical majority in the country. The Forum will bring together government departments, policymakers, civil society organizations; representatives of academia, the private sector and youth representatives from every corner of the city. The speakers will address the broad array of issues like: The opportunities available for youth in promotion of peace, challenge of increasing productive capacity and promoting employment and decent work.  This requires a comprehensive, inter-generational, cross-cultural, and cross-sectoral approach that is impossible without the participation of Governments, youth, and all segments of the city. The Forum will further establish the nexus between peace realization and socio-economic dimensions of peace.


The 30-31 May Forum has been organized as a contribution to the Peace attainment centered on the youth for achievement of Vision 2030 and socio-economic development. The outcome of the meeting will be shared with government departments, policymakers, civil society organizations; representatives of academia, the private sector and youth focused organizations


Building on the International Year of Youth, the Youth Forum will focus on addressing various challenges facing Nairobi County youth, including the availability of jobs and role in peace building.  The foremost outcome of the Forum will be a list of recommended actions for Government ministries, civil society, the private sector, and youth to effectively address youth employment issues within the context of the current global economic and peace promotion. The forum will also be expected to provide a platform for youth to engage in dialogue with various stakeholders to explore possible solutions to create economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable jobs, which eventually will lead to the “Nairobi County We Want”.


The Youth Forum will take the format of interactive dialogue sessions entitled “Training and Education to Facilitate Access to Job Market” and “Youth as Agents of Peace — creating peace for a More Sustainable City”, tailored to accommodate lively discussions in which youth themselves are encouraged to freely participate.  Through the Forum, 1200 young people from Nairobi County will have an opportunity not only to make their voice heard, but also exchange their views and ideas with multiple stakeholders. Youth representatives will attend the event in person.


There are few speaking and participants slots available .For further inquiry, please contact:


Email:       Tel: 0723976654   



We look forward to your participation.


Willice Okoth Onyango

Convener-County Youth Peace Forums

Chairperson-IYC -Kenya Chapter



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