This project is made possible by the IYC call for grant application.We are excited to have won this to be able to implement the project

The Dandora municipal waste site located east of Nairobi near the informal settlements of Kariobangi north and Korogocho, as well as the Dandora and Luckysummer residential estates continues to pose environmental and health risks even after a study recommended its closure. Specialists say that the dumpsite is a big health problem and it has had a very bad impact on the environment, adding that the unrestricted dumping of domestic, industrial, hospital and agricultural waste at the city‟s main dumping site is the cause for concern. The land cannot be used for domestic and agricultural use since the dumpsite occupies about 30 acres, with at least 2,000 tons of waste deposited on a daily basis into the dumpsite and what initially was to be refilling of an old quarry has given rise to a big mountain of garbage. Dumping at the site is unrestricted and industrial, agricultural, domestic and medical wastes (including used syringes) are seen strewn all over the dumping site. The Dandora site may pose some special challenges for the city of Nairobi and Kenya as a nation. But it is also a mirror to the condition of rubbish sites across many parts of Africa and other urban centers of the developing world. The Nairobi City Council, ranked by many watchdogs as one of the most corrupt institutions in the country, has already been singled out for its failure to manage waste in East Africa's largest city.

Currently the rate of unemployment is very high in Kenya and most of the worst affected people are the residents of the slums particularly the youths. These people have double tragedy i.e the environment is ailing and the economy very unfavorable.
Project Scope
This project will be conducted in the Dandora estate and the youths from the neighboring estates are to be involved as well. The projects theme in Kiswahili is “VIJANA TUMILIKI MAZINGIRA” meaning „ENVIRONMENT +YOUth’ is targeting basically youths between ages 16-30 who have the passion to save the environment. This will be conducted through a 2 day seminar training exercise.
Objectives: Overall objective
To educate the youths on possible and sustainable ventures through environmental protection through entrepreneurship training on opportunities for reusing, recycling waste products to create employment for slum youths
Specific objectives Trigger entrepreneurship skills on waste management and sustainable urbanization Create environmental awareness and consciousness Have slum youths sign up for IYC Kenya Membership and start the slum chapter Attract attention on opportunities that lie in waste

Methodology Getting three experts on waste re-use like to make different products like clothes, sandals, bottles, jewelry etc Mobilizing 100 youths to take part in the training

Expected Results Youths pooling to venture into waste management projects Environmental protection Environmental awareness More youths sign up and actively participate in IYC projects IYC to have the in depth understanding of the reasons as to why the youths are not actively engaged into the environmental protection Increase in IYC Kenya presence in slums



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