following the Recent Developments in IYC NIGERIA i hereby move a motion for discussion about the 2013 National Congress

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I second the Motion>>>

I second the motion>>>

Please what is really happening in IYCN...????

i second

well I love your ideas but you should all be aware that IYC is an NGO without support so anything we are embarking on we think we need financial support so if we having a congress lets agree on how much to contribute to make it a success

I second the motion and i support the Idea. Once there is a will, there is a way. Let us start from somewhere!

Venue for the congress

In support.....

Eagerly awaiting 2013 National Congress!

Well the national body should give us a date for the congress please because we are tired of waiting please do something about this issue ASAP
Supported, Looking forward to that day
I have hope in awaiting 2013 National Congress!




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