From the resent happenings, is like the Nigeria leadership of the IYC (Promise & co) is playing politics with all its members. The last time i checked, this council is not limited to 5 or 6 members only. So pls lets all come together and speck with one voice, The International Youth Council, Nigeria Chapter need a national convention. 

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Its a coincidence that your name is also "promise". I do not think they are playing 'politics' because IYC is still not strong in the country and credit should be given to them at least for being representatives of IYC Nigeria, what we should look forward to is a convention where we would all map out a success strategy for with a definite plan for IYC Nigeria,that's what we need the convention for. That's my opinion though.

Dear Promise Emenike,soon activities in  IYCN will commence for 2014,just be ready to be part of the success story....thanks

Does IYC Nigeria really need a National Convention?

Hello IYC-Nigeria members! Top of the Season to you all.
On behalf of the National Executive Committee, led by our Country Coordinator Arch. Faithful Iroh, I am delighted to announce our forthcoming project in 9 Oil Producing States in the Niger-Deltan region.

The Niger Delta Peace Cup is a football competition organized by the International Youth Council Nigeria chapter to engage youths from the 9 states under the region in order to foster unity, bring about peace and create a career in sports for them. It would also serve as a means to engage the teenagers from the grassroots in a bid to safeguard their future through football.
With our primary mandate of Creating a global mechanism for Youth development.
To take our bright and agile youthsout of the streets and criminality,

It is an ongoing project and the general public is invited to join the conversation




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