Is Pakistani young generation can change this political system of Pakistan which is not for the poor people but it is a system in which our leaders distribute money and every thing among themselves?

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Yes, I think this is, actually possible, more possible than it looks. The only thing is, are we ,ready to sacrifice all that has to be sacrificed to bring about these changes ? 

you're very ryt bt first we have to bring change in ourself than come out and ask others to change themselves.

Well i agree but have my point to add-on, that is, can the youth choose a correct path to bring a change? 

So its must to improve our educational basis equally in the country, that will make an environment to think and work in the best suited way as required per international and national crisis !

I guess its our time to wake up now, because if we'll keep our mouth we'll have to suffer 1000 times more wat we are suffering today.. and its not our politicians mistake we are allowing them to do this, if we'll keep a keen eye on them they will not do any thing like this.. 




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