Code of Conduct International Youth Council SriLanka (IYCSL) 2012-2013

This code of conduct was drafted by board of directors of IYCSL on November 11, 2012. We have agreed to present them to you as basic conduct of guidelines and ask that you sing up them as IYCSL contract to ensure that you and all members achieve the best possible outcome, and fun from your time with IYCSL. In the spirit of management, any contravention of these guidelines will have consequences decided by board of directors of IYCSL. They will decide what penalty, if any, will be imposed. Extreme cases mean that your membership or current position may be revoked.

  • IYC Staffs & Members shall not engage in any conduct, act towards or speak to IYC Staffs & Members in a manner which offends, insults, humilities, intimidates, threatens, disparages or vilifies that other person on the basis of  that other person's race, religion, color, National or ethnic origin.
  • Respect and tolerance for all- regardless of nationality, faith, political view, sexual orientation etc. All staffs & Members have the right to express themselves in a safe and harmonious environment, free from discrimination and /or sexual harassment.
  • Sustainability: We are making every effort at IYCSL meetings, workshops, trainings & project work to be as sustainable as we can.
  • Appreciation and respect to all the staff working at IYC all chapters.
  • Be punctual: arrive at meetings, workshops, trainings & project work on time & properly. Inform 24 hours before if u can’t attend the meetings.
  • Respect the gender separation.
  • Mobile phones: during the meetings & trainings please switch off your mobile phone(s) to silent mode or switch them off.
  • Any problems that arise should be discussed, at first with your project coordinators or event organizers.

Security: When you get your membership, you will be provided an IYCSL international Identity card and this should be wearing at all the IYCSL events for security purposes. It can’t be exchangeable. If you lose your ID, you will be asked to pay for the cost of new one.

  • Restrictions


  •  IYCSL staffs & members must comply with all government laws where you work. Failure to do so will involve possible police action, arrest and in some cases deportation and /or prison sentences.
  •   Alcohol is forbidden at all official events of IYCSL
  •   Use of illegal drugs will result in immediate exclusion from IYCSL membership.
  •   Violence or treat of violence, intimidation or discrimination toward any person, sexual harassment or racist slur will result in immediate exclusion from IYCSL membership.
  •   At all the time, be aware of the health, safety and welfare of all other members; do not endanger yourselves or others.

Following this code of conduct you help us achieving IYCSL’s goals!


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