Meeting Date       : 20/Jan/ 2013

Meeting Location : Racecourse. Colombo 007

Recorded By       : B. Ashwin

Invitees               : All staffs & Members in Srilanka


Members Present :

Z. Sadham (Chairperson)

F. M. Fadhil (Vice Chairperson)

M. Malhardeen (Vice Secretary)

N. Inshaf (Finance Officer)

A. Atheeq (IT Administrator)

A. Abdullah (Public Relations Officer)

B. Ashwin (Program Officer)

R. Aathavan (fund Raising Officer)

A. Ajeemusshaan (Event Organizer)

M. Sajith (Project Coordinator- SriLanka)

M. Zain (Project Coordinator- SriLanka)

A. Athiq (Project Coordinator- SriLanka)

A. Azhar (Life Member)


New Members :

M. Arzath (Life Member)

M. Shan (Volunteer)

P. Harindi (Volunteer)


Members Apologies:

M. Herza , A. Wajidh, N. Azeeza, N. Abdurrahman , G. Sujeetha,

M. Najimuddeen, A. Azeem, N. Ayazlien, M. Rizny, M. Isham,


Approval of Minutes: The meeting has been approved by BOD on January 11th 2013. The purpose of the meeting is to plan about this year projects & events.


Meeting Start

Meeting Schedule Start : 1830 Hours

Meeting Actual Start : 1830 Hours


Meeting End

Meeting Schedule End : 2030 Hours

Meeting Actual End : 2045 Hours




Agenda 1 : International Youth Conference 2013


Theme of the Conference : "Opportunities for Youths”

Number of Delegates : 100 International delegates & 100 SriLankan delegates.

Venue                      : MAS Lanka training Centre. Thulhiriya. SriLanka.

Date                         : September 20-22

Duration                    : 3 days


Topics and workshops

1. Introducing various opportunities for Youth to invest in stock market & unit trusts and other business opportunities.

2. Cross culture.

3. Skill capacity building.

4. Importance of volunteering.

5. Innovation & technology.

6. Sustainable & cooperate responsible.

7. Connecting youth.

8. Leadership building seasons.

9. Allocated for our partners conduct sessions or workshops.

10. Allocated for our partners conduct sessions or workshops. Etc



1. Start a website to promote this Conference.

2. Meeting with MAS Lanka venue manager & National youth Services Council of SriLanka.

3. Special Meeting with all event organizers, SriLanka Project coordinators & International

Projects coordinators (Via Skype) to plan the agenda, time allocation.

4. Meeting with our International & local partners.

5. Sponsors Meeting & Press Conference.


Agenda 2 : Workshops at SriLankan universities and Leading schools to motivate environmental sustainability in their own premises and also educate, engage with them to make a sustainability environment.


Universities/Schools chosen for these workshops.

1. D. S. Senanayake College. Colombo 007

2. Royal College. Colombo 007.



1. Meeting with our official sustainability partner IDEAS (USA)

2. Meeting with D. S. S. C OBA president & vice Principal.

3. Meeting with Mr. Damitha Siriwardana. Director of “Think Green program”. Royal College.


Agenda 3: Workshops/ training for school


1. Life management, Positive thinking, Leadership skill development, Relationship

balancing. (Conducted by University of Colombo. Faculty of Law student’s Association.

2. Health & Sexual awareness programs (Conducted by United Nations Population Fund).

3. Workshops for teachers (conducted by JusTeach -India (our partner)).



1. Meeting with Mr. Yasas hewage. Strategy Institution senior lecturer. (Leadership training- Key speaker) .

2. Meeting with Miss. Revathi Chalwa ( Program officer – HIV & Youth of United Nations Population Fund )

3. Online meeting with JusTeach Indian representative about workshop dates and


4. We allocated some members & volunteers to contact with schools which have been planned to conduct these workshops.


Agenda 4: Fundraising event.


We planned to host a cricket tournament between all private campuses in SriLanka.

Suggested venue : Moor Cricket Stadium

Duration : One day (0800- 1700 hours) & Date : April (still we are planning)



1. Meeting with venue manager.

2. Members & volunteers meeting who all working on this projects.


Agenda 5: Bank Account

Board of Directors (BOD) decided to open a current account for IYCSL at Sampath bank.Bambalapitya MC Branch. All Members who came for the meeting have agreed with BOD’s decision.

Account access: Only BOD has authority to access this bank account (Deposits, draft a payments, withdraws & all bank activities).


Future Agenda Items:

All meetings should be finished before next meeting & all reports have to be submitted on/before 10/02/2013.


Next meeting: 10/02/2013 at Racecourse. Colombo 007 , 1600 hour onward.


Checked by :

Sadham Dhikran Zarjahan

Chairperson of IYCSL


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