On the occasion of World Day to Combat Desertification, the slogan for this year was announced which is " LETS GO LAND DEGRADATION NEUTRAL" . This essentially seeks to stop fertile , arable land from turning into deserts . UN statistics reveal that a staggering 12 million hectares of land turn into deserts each year . 12 million hectares of land = 3 times the size of Switzerland. All efforts must be made to stop and reverse this.

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Friend Kehkashan,I think desertation is type of land  degradation,Isn't it?While talking about desertification in those  countries where already there desert exists, we should also consider the issues of  those countries where there the land degradation taking places rapidly due to several causes mainly land use change and excessive use of chemical fertilizer.We all know this will ultimately leads to desertification but why we don't study these issues related to land use change of remaining places?

Dear Dhiroj,

You are absolutely right .The main issue is to stop fertile land from turning into deserts by taking measures to stop bad land use practice , chemical pollution or even erosion . 

Not only must we endeavour to reclaim deserts , but also stop degradation of arable land to deserts .Action must be taken both ways.

Yes... i am with this group on safe the environment by doing environmental activities,. And enforced the law which step toward sustainable use of land.

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