Hello All,

I've noticed the IYC USA chapter is a little short on membership, 

and I was thinking about starting a sub-chapter on my college campus, and maybe some of you would follow and do the same on your respective campuses on in your area.

If anyone supports the idea, I would like to know your opinions on what kinds of activities could be done with such a group.

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That's a great idea. I don't have access to a computer at the moment (on my phone), so I can't send you the information. However, add me on Skype: hung.vo6, and I will full you in on what is happening right now.

We actually have about 55 members. Not bad since we were created two months ago. I'll connect you with everyone tomorrow.

I totally agree. 

I believe it's because people just haven't heard about it. Personally, I am super involved in international issues, youth platforms and more and to my surprise never had I heard about IYC. I think our first move should be to reach out to our personal networks and really encourage spreading awareness about the perks of being a part of this awesome organization. Tell your friends to come on board! 

You all are great and I hope to meet you all one day! 

Very good idea! I agree with Cynthia--raising awareness and adding members should be a priority! But hey, 55 in two months isn't too shabby.




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