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*Now available - the 2013 IYC Guide to Grassroots Fundraising!

IYC Funding Policy:


The IYC has the best resource in the world to create change: thousands of motivated and talented youth. What is the second most important resource you may ask? This is not a universal truth, but to create and sustain positive change in most places across the globe you need one scarce resource: money!


It’s very important that our members and partners know how the International Youth Council operates in relation to our members’ fundraising needs.


Here’s a little rundown:


We DO:


  • Provide IYC Youth Action grants of $250 - $500 dollars per project – this is done through a call for applications process that is currently rolled out one time per year. See the outcome report of the 2012 Youth Action Grant here
  • Assist IYC members in their fundraising efforts, by providing expert advice based on our collective experience, or by publicizing fundraising efforts through our international network.
  • Provide training materials and capacity-building opportunities. You can download the IYC Guide to Grassroots Fundraising [insert location of download link], and keep an eye on the IYC event page for upcoming workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Suggest grant, scholarship and bursary opportunities on our website – there are many great ways to get access to funding as a youth leader from any country – IYC helps our members get access to these opportunities.
  • We always are available to support youth leaders with our experience, network and training materials – just email info@internationalyouthcouncil.com!




  • Provide funds for travel, accommodation or living expenses
  • Have funds available for emergency response
  • Provide annual funding for operating costs of IYC chapters
  • Ever close our doors to new ideas – your creativity makes IYC what it is, keep in touch!



Sharing Your Stories


The first edition of the IYC Guide to Grassroots Funding is a basic ‘how-to’ for grassroots fundraising – download it here!. We know that the world is increasingly interconnected, and fundraising efforts can reach more people now than ever before. We also know that raising money can be a very different experience depending on the part of the world you’re in!


For this reason – we've created a forum for everyone to discuss what works just as much as what doesn’t, and share videos, pictures and stories of their current, past or planned fundraising efforts! Let’s get creative!




Want to support the IYC and our Chapters around the world?


Consider giving a financial DONATION!



Please note:


  • Friendship Ambassadors Foundation is the fiscal agent for the International Youth Council, as per their legal status as a 501c3, all donations are fully tax deductible
  • Donations will be processed through Network for Good, an online fundraising tool for non-profits. 
  • Please insert "IYC" into the Designation field to ensure your donation is properly directed. 
  • If you would like to direct your donation to a specific area of IYC's work, please include one of the below specifications in the Designation field:
  • List "IYC Global Action Fund" to direct your donation to the International Youth Council chapters (please provide the chapter name)
  • List “IYC Advancement Fund” to help pay for IYC’s administrative costs, and support the growth of our staff and physical presence around the world
  • List “IYC Global Dialogue Fund” to contribute to our support for the most dynamic young leaders attending conferences and policy discussions (please refer to the IYC website for information on upcoming conferences and events)
  • If you have any inquiries or a more specific project that you would like to support with your donation, please email IYC Finance Director Eric Dales at eric@internationalyouthcouncil.com





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