International Youth Council (IYC) is pleased to announce an even closer relationship with our parent organization, Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF).

FAF has supported cultural exchange since 1973, and organizes the Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations during which IYC was founded in 2007. FAF also organized former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's first ever visit to the U.S. when he was in his early twenties.

Now that IYC is a project of Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Inc., FAF will continue to strengthen IYC's administrative and operational capabilities by professionalizing staff and seeking dedicated resources for our growth and expansion.

IYC Co-founder Jamie Ansorge will be working directly with FAF Executive Director Patrick Sciarratta and his staff on this collaboration.

Please feel free to contact Jamie or Patrick about IYC's growth at IYC@FAF.org.

You may periodically receive emails directly from FAF about their programming, such as the Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations, and other cultural exchange and volunteer programs.


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