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the aesthetics of emotions // sylvia plath

There is a thick vehemence creaming the reality that surrounds us and it is this vehemence that manifests itself in the form of art. For me, art is simultaneously a façade that shields you from reality and a platform that helps you embrace reality. It is a psychological stimulus that helps you feel what isn’t … Continue reading the aesthetics of emotions // sylvia plath

A degenerate humanity

The spitfire need to stray away from dark comedy, to be perpetually aligned with the changing political and social notions of free speech, and to assert ourselves through a combination of memes and emojis has all but lead to a general degeneracy around our body morphic

Why Am I An Activist?

I am an activist because I believe in equality so notoriously that I am willing to give up the tactile peace of not caring, as should you.

Paakhi Bhatnagar

Profile Information

What Country are you from?
India (living in United Arab Emirates)
What is your Age?
What is your gender?
How do you want to get involved?
Connect with other global-minded leaders, Start/Join a IYC Chapter, Contribute Knowledge and/or Resources, Support a Social Cause, Learn about Best Practices for Development, Blog/Write Articles
What other organizations are you involved with?
I am a columnist at Feminine Collective where I write poetry on mental health issues.
My blog: consists of my opinions and analysis of political and social situations.
I have previously interned with Accords International Law Firm where I shadowed a financial lawyer.
I volunteer with Feline Friends, Dubai Cares, Cats and Dogs Shelter Sharjah, Sick Not Weak and K9 Friends.
What issues are important to you?
Education, Gender Equality, Media, Human Rights, Youth Empowerment
What is your favorite quote?
"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." - Virginia Woolf
Have you ever attended the Youth Assembly at the United Nations

Opinion vs. Oppression

I’ve heard from people, usually those trying to justify their stereotyping, that it is hard to differentiate between opinion and oppression. That since we live in a free country, we have the right to voice what we think, the right to perhaps bring an action to our opinion.

While the latter sentence is true, I don’t, however, think that it is really all that hard to find a difference between an opinion and an act of oppression.

An opinion can be anything, it doesn’t always have to be political. Someone might not particularly like the color purple, it is their opinion. What is not an opinion, however, is if someone doesn’t “like” a group of people solely based on their race, sexuality, sexual orientation, etc. Because not liking a person or group of people due to inherent stereotypes is not simply having an unfavorable opinion – it is oppression.

Recently, there have been many anti-Semitic attacks surfacing in the United States and there is one very blatant thing they have in common with anti-black KKK attack, besides fascism, is that everyone associated with them somehow justify their hatred by saying that they have a right to free speech and the right to have an opinion.

But the fact is, while everyone may have the right to free speech, it does not mean that we also have the right to be protected against its social repercussions. So when a Nazi receives backlash for their fascist beliefs, it is not an attack on their freedom to articulate an opinion, but it is an attack on their oppression of a certain section of society.

As we grow into an interconnected world where there are vast differences in opinion, it is becoming increasingly important to understand and identify the clear line between expressing your opinion or exercising oppression.

So the next time some sexist or racist or just an overall prejudiced dude tries to tell you that you don’t deserve something that you’re entitled to and then proceeds to hide behind the facade of freedom of expression, make sure that they hear loud and clear that their “expression”  isn’t an opinion if it undermines the existence of someone else.

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Paakhi Bhatnagar's Blog

Feline Friends, Dubai

Posted on July 4, 2016 at 4:00am 0 Comments

Cats are one of the only stray animals that can be found on the streets of Dubai; that means that animal patrols and animal shelters seem to be working well. But the presence of stray cats says that there is more that could be done.

Feline Friends is a wonderful organization that strives to eliminate this…


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