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youth they want to do for developing country action proposal challenge in the world youth community,my importation make a space work for young people (no need to keep position until die ) my filling  youth are fenestration no action for that youth make a change in the world environment & sustainable advance  for you .


abul kashem sheikh


world leader

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Rio+20 did not fail!

From June 13 until June 22, Rio de Janeiro gathered people from all around the world to discuss sustainability in the UN Conference. Rio+20 happened 20 years after Eco-92…


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Dialogs for the Sustainable Development

From June 16 to 19, a series of debates involving the themes related to Rio+20 took place. Dialogs for the Sustainable Development united plenty of specialists of…


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Newsfeed straight from Rio+20!

I am blogging from Central Rio, where began, today, the High level Segment of the UN’s Conference regarding Sustainable Development!…


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Visiting “Rocinha” – United City reunion

(foto) – Me, in Rocinha, where I first went by motorcycle-taxi!



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Youth Blast


        Youth Blast foi a conferência do Rio+20 para jovens, um evento especial para todos os jovens que quissessem aprender mais sobre o mundo, sobre sua cidadania e como exercê-la.  

       Nele foi possível conhecer novas pessoas, fazer novas amizades, mas especialmente aprender sobre assuintos variados mas que se encaixam em um contexto de solidariedade e desenvolvimento sustentável, entender o funcionamento da ONU,  o por quê de certas atividades dentro da ONU e sua…


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Relatório do Youth Blast e Rio+20


1. Os dias que o antecederam, de 10 à 12/06, ocorreu a Youth Blast Internacional, e, de 7/06 à 9/06, a nacional. Na Youth Blast discutiram juventude, inclusão, dignidade, sustentabilidade, etc, e, pude ver jovens envolvidos com profundidade no tema da Rio+20. Foi um evento aberto, em que qualquer jovem poderia entrar e participar de alguma discussão, com plenárias abertas também. Nas plenárias ouvimos um pequeno indígena canadense – Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez – falando de sua ONG…


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Youth Blast – June, 11

The second International Day of Youth Blast (June, 11) began with the “Everything you need to know about Rio+20” plenary, intending to prepare young people with the main information  for  the UN Conference regarding Sustainable Development. Next, the elective sessions started, and the present organizations offered activities about several sustainable related themes. The MGCY promoted a session about the most…

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Youth Blast’s last day! (June 12)

The last Youth Blast’s morning plenary had the presence of the former minister of the environment, Marina Silva. She pointed out the importance of different generations dialoguing about sustainable development, quoting an African saying: “We don’t leave Earth to our son and grandsons, we simply borrow it.” Next, she explained how what we leave as heritage can be given back in a smaller…


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Minutes on 1st General Meeting




DATE      :  16TH JUNE, 2012



The program started off with an opening prayer by the Secretary Jewell Addo after which the Deputy P.R.O: Kobby Attrams requested the introduction of members from the various Institutions present. These were KNUST, UCC, REAGENT, LEGON and GTUC respectively.

Followed shortly…


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People, moments and stories

Youth Blast is a good opportunity to get knowledge, through the lectures and also the work groups. However, there is a special aspect that makes these events an experience that transposes technical knowledge:  The people, the moments and the stories that make the entire Conference worthy! Since Thursday (June 7), I am bringing “stories” to debate,…


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2nd International Conference on ICTs for Youth Development (ICTYD2012)

It is my pleasure to invite you to the Second International Conference on ICTs for Youth Development (ICTYD 2012) which is being organized by the Centre for ICTs and Youth Development (CICTYD), Don Bosco Centre, Nigeria. The 2012 event is the second in a series of conferences being organized by the Don Bosco Centre, Nigeria targeted at youths and young scholars all over the world.


Building on the success of the 2011 conference, this year’s event themed “Peace,…


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Transforming a pour country into the second richest of the world!

During the self-managed activities from the second day of the Brazilian Youth Blast, the Brazilian Scout Organization promoted the World Trade Games. The goal was to provide the participants…


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It is during the break that we learn the most!

For the Portuguese version click here


“Youth Blast”  is a parallel event to Rio+20, organized by and directed towards young people . The proposal is to gather this segment in a space that involves them in the discussion about the sustainable development . Another goal is to prepare and capacitate…


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G8 and G20 Youth Summit - Washington 2012: South Africa Minister of Trade and Industry

The 2nd day of the G8 and G20 Youth Summit has commenced, with the official ceremony having been opened yesterday, with panel discussion from the United States Department of State and President of the Young Professionals on Foreign Policy and Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton Gary Barnabo, where he specifically highlighted the importance of foreign policy and the leadership qualities that a future leader requires to effect change and influence within the sphere.

This was…


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A continent well-endowed with great amount of natural resources, ranging from, gold to humans” lives in a constant state of paradoxical confusion and uncertainty, anytime development is made mention of. Major developmental theories propounded by developmental economists have consistently functioned in the development of western countries, but not Africa. It is time the African people view economic, social, religious, cultural and political development and stability through the African…


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In today’s world politics has assumed a paradoxical status, becoming the machine by which the citizens of every country are raped of the resources for development. Politics, I would want to stress at this very time, is tied in with the objective of public administration. In fact, it is said that the objective of democracy in Africa and for that matter any part of the world, is to ensure the efficient and effective redistribution of resources, ensuring that, at least…


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Talvez a grande questão a ser levantada na passagem da infância para a juventude seja: “O que mudou em nós, nessa passagem do tempo?”. A resposta de obvia nada tem. Muita coisa se transformou, ou foram transformadas. Sentimentos ternos, crenças mórbidas e frágeis sobraram, dando espaços para sentimentos intensos, verdadeiros, fortes, sensatos, que são instrumentos para a construção de um mundo com pilares e vigas. Ao mesmo tempo em que mudamos internamente, tudo em nossa volta…


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