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 Member of the International Youth Council in Nigeria and in Diaspora are here asked to join and make tangible contributions towards the development of A..Y.C.N


AFRICAN YOUTH COUNCIL NIGERIA is the Nigeria branch of the African Youth Council (A.Y.C)
The objectives of the Africa Youth Council shall…

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I am always Proud to be called a Nigerian. When i was given birth to it was during the era of General Ibrahim Babaginda and i can vividly remember when i was growing that i was told one day the youths will be the future leaders of tomorrow. After more than 20years i still have not seen

the youths leading this country maybe that is why our country is in the state in which it is. The likes of General Obasanjo, General Buhari, Sen David Mark, and a lot of the others still directly or…


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Get ready! Summer Camp Nigeria 2013 is almost here!

Brainy Educare, an education organization based in Lagos, is planning an amazing summer camp for youth throughout Nigeria and abroad. The camp is scheduled to hold for two weeks in August, 2013 and will be packed with skill acquisition, character building, and lots of fun activities!…


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So here we stand again, at that same point in our development where our illustrious patriot fathers left us about half a century ago (We might have taken a step or two back, but I will let it slide).  We give ourselves pats on the back for what we perceive as progress. We congratulate ourselves on closing our borders more tightly and increasing our imports of luxury good (under the pretense of higher standards of living). “We are growing more!! “ We say, though most of it rots away on farms…


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We stay Strong!

We all live situations that people around us can’t understand, ever, unless we tell them. Sometimes, even often, we feel sad and feel like giving up our plans and our whole dream. One more truth is that, when we look around us, people are living worse things and by the same time others are living Joy, Happiness with all corollary. Some people say: “we are artisan of our own fortune”, I think they are right.

Today, there no more excuse for our generation unless we want worse…


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Phenomenon of Protests

In 2011 Egypt’s protesters received inspiration and guidance from a little known figure Gene Sharp, an 85-year old intellectual of modest means who lives in a working-class neighbourhood in East Boston. He grows orchids and has yet to become conversant with the internet . His writings on the techniques of peaceful protest have for years inspired dissidents in Myanmar, Bosnia, Estonia, Zimbabwe, Tunisia and Egypt. They have been translated into Arabic, Mandarin,…


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Heal the World

Let's make the world a better place for the future generations!

That's our responsibility.

Watch this, and Keep in touch!



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Africa and Africans!

Do you think there is potential in Africans?

let's talk about it!

let's capitalize on it!


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Saturation of ICTs in Africa and the shaping of Political Consciousness in Africa

Saturation of ICTs in Africa and the shaping of Political Consciousness in Africa.

by *Perry Ndubuisi Idejiora-Kalu


Political consciousness comes about people become informed about political happenings in their society, understand basic politics and by this, become aware of their power as a people, their ability to influence change at any time. In the past, the African public has been systematically left out of this process, not accidentally…


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The African identity- For We Are Many Things

For hundreds of years the African identity has been subject to what Europe and the rest of the world needed it to be. For a while Africans were barbarians and savages, heathen traders, then slaves. Then…


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Post2015 Priorities

Although much is being debated about the post2015 priorities, its highly imperative to note that the goals  are not just Sustainable but will also contribute greatly towards human development. From reducing extreme poverty in MD G's to completely ending poverty in SD G's, the post2015 agenda is a fundamental goal towards world's development. This process avails an opportunity for every country to participate and map out the needs of every citizen.

It is my desire to write about one…


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Reproductive Health-The Youth's greatest challenge in Africa

According to World Health Organization, Reproductive health is understandably defined to mean when people are able to have a responsible, satisfying and safer sex life and that they have the capability to reproduce and the freedom to decide if, when and how often to do so. A such, the aspect of information trickling down to the people, and particularly the youth is…


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Rapporteurs for the IYC Working Group on Development, Environment, Agriculture, Governance & Democracy

Hi Everyone


The Working Group on Development, Environment, Agriculture, Governance & Democracy of the Global Issues Department of the International Youth Council (IYC) will commence the second Phase of its sitting in August. Our aim is to proffer recommendations which will reflect health, environmental management, education, food availability and solutions for hunger and reducing poverty, politics, macroeconomics, youth development, science and engineering, all aimed at …


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