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everyday we meet people, share our ideas, thoughts. then we know their paradigm about something. it is teach us to appreciate disparity, because all of us have different sight, it is affected by our environment and people around us..

-reflection in the night, with a glass of coffee, fabulous-

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IYCB Update

IYC-Bangladesh is very much pleased to announce that it's first formal inaugural program is going to be held on 28th September, 2011 from 4pm to 6pm at Conference Hall, Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka. All the participants and IYC volunteers are requested to attend the program timely.

It will be a very simple event followed by

01. an introductory session,

02. motivational notes,

03. future project planning and

04. the Certificate Distribution…


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Floods in Pakistan & IYC-Pakistan


Victims of last year’s floods have been hit yet again with another catastrophe as livelihoods and homes have been destroyed in torrential rainfall on-going since August 2011. Approximately 5.3 million people are affected, of which half are…


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Check out this opportunity.


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Inconsiderate or just plain heartless ?

I as a Pakistani am disappointed in the country. We have lost all sense of humanity. Imagine that when 50 lakh people were affected by the flood, homeless, without anything to call their own, we were sitting in the cozy comforts of our homes. And to top it off, Our prime minister was doing a speech on the tv that the government of Pakistan is doing tireless efforts to help the flood victims and 1 lakh out of 40 lakh have been taken to relief camps. 1 lakh out of 40 is actually something to be… Continue

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miniing in my mind


Every part of our life can’t be separated from mining product, look at our equipment at home, for examples, spoons, plates, rings, etc, were made from mining product.

Actually, there are 3 mining system, surface mining, underground mining and underwater mining. But the most popular are underground mining and surface mining. Then, when we choose surface or underground mining.

We choose one of them based on stripping ratio, stripping ratio is ratio between overburden and…


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