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Food waste campaign

Have you been to a Korean restaurant? Or a Korean friend's house? You would be surprised by the number of dishes put on the table.

In Korea, as a tradition, every meal comes with side dishes. The number and amount of side dishes has been the symbol of family prosperity and good luck.  But, naturally, this…

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Clean Water Toolkit

IYC Clean Water Toolkit

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IYC Clean Water Access Toolkit

Today's the day! IYC USA, IYC Nigeria, and IYC Bangladesh have partnered for a clean water access campaign! To go along with the G+ Hangout taking place at 4 PM EST, we've also just released our IYC Clean Water Access Water Toolkit! Check it out and tune into our G+ Hangout. We'll be posting the link on our social media outlets at 4 PM EST. You can follow along on Twitter using the #IYCWater hashtag. We'll be…


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Call for Application


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Advocacy work from my organisation both local and international.

I have always been interested in UN-related activities in diverse ways such as contributing to cohesion, unity, and conflict resolutions in youth related affairs; programmes in my community, and other communities in my country Sierra Leone. My organization Kiwanis International does not only cater for the needs of children and young adults but also does advocacy work and counseling in resolving differences arising among youths.

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Chosen Panelist 'IYC Chapter Leader United Arab Emirates' for International Youth Day 2013 "Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward”

"It is important to emphasize the positive contribution young migrants make to societies of origin, transit and destination – economically and by enriching the social and cultural fabric. Most work hard to earn a living and improve their circumstances. The remittances they send to support families in their home countries are a major contributor to economies worldwide."

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The theme of International…


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Pin Up Persona ‘IYC Youth Leader’ Simran Vedvyas from United Arab Emirates made a stunning appearance for 100 hours at Times Square-New York at International Youth Day

For nearly 100 Hours- every 8 minutes or less, I felt 'a celebrity once again' as I hit the massive screens in Times Square, New York as a ‘Youth from U.A.E’.  

My picture was up from 9th August until midnight 12th August –The International Youth Day.  

In pursuit to  celebrate International Youth Day 12th August, I chose to describe our generation in three words as-



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12th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations Reported by Simran Vedvyas IYC Leader United Arab Emirates Chapter

12th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations,

held from August 7-9, 2013, at the United Nations HQ in New York

The Youth Assembly is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any young leader to learn about the United Nations and its work towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Selected among few young leaders to serve as delegates who represented the International Youth Council, I was chosen in my capacity as Chapter Leader United Arab…


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Make the world a better place

There is a rise in religious intolerance and prejudice all over the world. This religious divide is further heightened by racial, political and economic differences of the people of the world. Migration, mobility and integration are affected by religious problems.

People who do not harbour any religious prejudice are surprised at the violence and hate exhibited by religious zealots. I am surprised at people who let their religious faiths make…


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Africa is the world's youngest continent; 70% of the population is under the age of 30 years. Despite advances in Economic growth, progress remains fragile; inequalities are widespread and young Africans face major difficulties in finding decent jobs and participation in decision-making.

The lack of such freedoms is among the factors that led young people to take to the streets demanding change and fulfillment of their legitimate aspirations for better lives.…


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County Executive Secretaries(Ministers) on Youth Affairs and Youth Leaders drawn from different youth led organization after two strong days of deliberation at Karen Christian College last week  on 29th & 30th August 2013, resolve that "Promoting Positive and Peaceful Coexistence between the Youth and the Government authority as well other development agencies willing to invest in uplifting the Youth economically within Devolved Government System is the only way to solve the long-time…


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