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Youth: Hope of the Future

Youth, youth youth ! Where are they? What they are doing? what they are seeking? We shout that we need them we want them to feel that they are important to the society. we want them to cultivate the inner compassion for the upliftment of their future.


Lat us see the environment that mold these so called hope of the Father land. Let us Discover the things that they are doing for the realization of this saying. Let us empower them with our prayer and example. Let the sleeping…


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letter to the world

in environment,i suggest the health could be better  protected by protecting the environment

this is what draw my attention to restructuring the campaign,but it is said that one is a small figure to achieve something great ,this is why i have to move towards private individuals,industry,companies,organizations both private and public owned,to help actualize the vision,which is tagged with a slogan "creating a conducive environment for health…


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The MDG's Resolution

little did i know that one day the world leader will want to make a

momentous move towards reducing the world most pathetic challenges ,some

of which are poverty,education,and health.but to my understanding of

it,nothing was the major cause if not for the lack of solid foundation

in the part of the world it is affecting,but my suggestion is that

opportunity should be given to the youth and teenagers to display what

they got for the world,IN POVERTY i suggest that… Continue

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Peace-building theme brings Rwandan orphan to Denville at Morris High School in New Jersey

Story of the horrors of genocide, family’s massacre recounted to Morris Catholic students as part of Global Solidarity Week By CECILE SAN AGUSTIN Reporter DENVILLE

- The world may be a big place but for the students at Morris Catholic High School here, creating solidarity among nations is the key to building peace globally.

That message hit home last week when Marie Claudine Mukamabano, a Rwandan orphan, now an activist, visited them last week and recounted her story of…


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Everyone seems to be talking about empowerment these days .

Everyone seems to be talking about empowerment these days, female empowerment, worker's empowerment, and youth empowerment are just some of the phrases that are flying around. But what exactly does that empowerment mean, and how can one apply the concept to their own life?

History of Youth Empowerment:

The youth empowerment movement started in the 1960s, when students at universities across the United States began to get involved in politics and protests on campus. Even…


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Warri- A Future Mega City

Warri is a region in the Niger-Delta with a large accolade of views from National and international observers as a region of crises, oil-Vandalization, mis-management of Resources, Kidnapping, Militancy and every other big-bad names. At a particular time, I asked a friend to come for a visit in the region and volunteer to help use his wealth of experience build our organizational structure and to my amazement, he went online to get information about the region and gave me a call that he was…


Added by OGUNYEMI BANKOLE TAIWO on December 14, 2010 at 12:51am — 2 Comments

Rwandan Artist Strives to Maker a Difference by ABIDE LEGZIM & AMELIA INGRAM

Artist, Model, and Activist Marie Claudine Mukamabano gave a short but touching presentation on Wednesday, November 17th for a class of 40 freshman students at St. John's University in Queens, NY.

Ms Mukamabano gave a presentation on her…


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Save the Children save the future

Children are more than angel, trusting, full of potentials and full of heavenly love. And the power of children is always extraordinary to bring serenity if that get proper care and


Every child is extraordinary and have right to live extraordinary life with all rights to grow up properly. The childhood of all children should be safe and happy and they should be grown…


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