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Foreign Aid: A noble act of non-creative destruction

“Poor people in poor countries are poor because they have low incomes; they have low incomes because they produce very little value; they produce very little value because they are restricted from doing so by kleptocractic, corrupt,…


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Expanding the Discussion For A Logical Alternative: Young People Commended, Charged

Tom Palmer (Dr.) as known to many young libertarians represents an iconic figure of the ideal libertarian mentor. From tireless trips around the world in the advocacy of the ideals of freedom to a charismatic personality with a complementing mixture of academic, passion and humorous inferences, a…


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Support IYC Chapter Director in the Charitable Effort with Foremost Shoemakers, TOMS

IYC Chapter Director, Javionni McGlaurin is involved in a competition for a TOMS giving trip. If you are not familiar with TOMS. It is a shoe company that provides a pair of TOMS to a child in need for every pair of TOMS that are bought. So far, owing 7 pairs have helped 7 young people.…


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Redefining Philanthropy: Liberating African Infants from Mortality with the Children’s Prize Million Dollar Initiative

The multi-dimensional effect of lack of development and poverty on Africa and Africans engulfs not only the adult in terms of economic depravity, or the younger generation which makes the most of the African population, through faded possibilities of realizing their life ambitions, but also very importantly and under-discussed is the prevalence of these effects on young infants through child mortality.

Infant mortality around the world is indeed a cause for concern,…


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Africa : Lofty Dreams, Unmet Expectations

Born in an environment of great prospects, huge resources, invaluable intellectuals and an ever-hopeful energetic citizenry; it is safe to admit Africa as a continent has been a failure. The reasons while not far-fetched, are unfortunately, also preventable.

In a continent of many…


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Beyond MDG Framework: Exploring the Potentials of Youths And Children - Willice Onyango, Chairperson, IYC Kenya



The third meeting of the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons took place in Monrovia between all members of the HLP and seventy CSO representatives. The meeting took the format of a "town hall" event, where CSO members together with grassroots representatives shared evidence,…


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Africa: Exploring Growth and Prosperity through the Ideas of Free Market

A friend of mine recently asked me if I ever had a reason to question my convictions on free markets being ideal for the attainment of economic prosperity. Not only have I been able to speak on this issue while addressing several hundreds of college students in …


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VOICE OF LIBERTY AFRICA: The Limit of Government and Constitutionality of Governance

The Nigerian House of Representatives rose from its recent sessions mandating its Committee on Foreign Affairs to intervene and investigate foreign embassies in Nigeria, regarding their treatment of the country’s visa applicants. They allegedly arrived at this decision…


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Re: Think Equal, Act Equal – Musings on Productive Women Inclusiveness in the Socio-Economic Development of Africa

There are immense benefits accruable to citizens, friends and visitors of a developed region. The development in question could be identifiable in bringing about love, peace, friendship and harmony, prosperity and progress. Sadly though, and unlike many people seem to think of… the actualization…


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Africa, Nigeria: Youths Involvement in Exposing and Subduing Democratic Tyranny


"The man who knows what freedom means will find a way to be free."

-F.A. "Baldy" Harper


An important step towards defeating tyranny lies in understanding tyranny and its accompanying elements. This step is…


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Africa: Forging A Path to Prosperity

A young American friend of mine once narrated how horrible she feels about having access to enough food to fill her stomach and even more if she feels like calling sick from work due to uneasiness from a …


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