peace committee and need for tolerance among nigerian youths- Asiegbu charles

Peace Committee and the Need for tolerance among nigerian youths - charles asiegbu

PostMon Aug 17, 2015 10:20 pm
I had wanted to draft a full scale write-up coated with bomb english guided with indepth analysis and research but you hardly say your mind when you want to impress! Abi no be so??? I reasoned that we should be cautious, mild and rational with issues such as this.

(1) we hailed buhari,hailed jonathan,hailed jega,hailed ourselves and forgot the role played by the peace committe led by abdulsalam. Where art thou memory??

(2) buhari is in a democratic setting as president! He fought corruption with rod as a military ruler but he came and found it fatter.. We want change by doing things differently for beta beta result!

(3) there are procedures to jail thieves in this era, violating proceeds of the constitution is in itself corruption ... you cant rob peter to pay paul and expect your change in return

(4) you'll agree with me that corruption has gone platinum and is sophisticated, scientific... how we go catch that one with gun and force?

(5) Nobody should distract buhari in his fight against corruption but corruption is not fought on one side alone... our president is fighting everybody corrupt and no particular corrupt people....haven listed out those few points I want to state that it was in place for the committee to meet the president. I was not in that meeting but if the suggested and pointed out variables which useful to the administration then I think the president ought to look into it. For literates methinks we should always enlighten the public. Catching and jailing thriving corrupticians is just a particule of a complex whole.

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