Africa's economic development in the 21st century and beyond

Africa should strive to attain economic development; this is the single, most viable means of gaining freedom. Complaining and blaming the devil will not bring any solutions. Economic development is not wished; it may be a wish but needs some work to be done to bring it into reality. Thus, industries have to be built, job have to be provided, resources have to be properly managed and its dividends made available to touch the lives of people, security has to be put in place, good people have to brought into politics, law and order too and a proper framework for education has to put in place. Africa’s problem of hunger, high mortality rates, discrimination in the international community, can only be eradicated when we become economically strong. In that way, we can shape our own future and force the developed world to invite us to the table, to a balanced table, for “reasonable cooperation” where we can contribute to global development. Without this, the economically developed world will continue to see us as underdogs. The consequences of this will continue to have negative impact on any form of our development and cooperation with the rest of the world.

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