"Because of Africa's colonial past, Africa has an identity crisis. This has to change if Africa wishes to know development in any generation."

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Comment by Timmy Oyeleke on April 3, 2013 at 5:22pm

One thing to keep in mind is not to base Africa's current state on the colonial past, it is a culmination of multiple factors which stop Africa from being on top. The more prominent issues being the lack of time compared to the US and Britain which Africa holds itself to, another factor is simply the bad leaders that the better part of Africa has been riddled with and the amount of crime and sickness in relation to the distribution to money.

What gives Africa its identity crisis, as spoken about in the quote above is the fact that we (as countries within Africa) still move as people of a country and not as a country in one mind and soul. Over time, as we have been deprived of our rights, we soon forget that we are entitled to things like power and housing, and that builds a mentality of myself and my family only, before others. That is what gives our identity crisis in my opinion, not the colonial past. Most of the world has a colonial past, and yet they have gotten through their identity crises, we just need to band together as Africans and work through this together.



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