Capitalism, the Imbalance and Alternative

Going by history and the reality of my time, I have come to realize the unavoidable reality of the profound inequality of capitalism. One disadvantage of capitalism is the huge chasm between the rich and the poor. In capitalism, the rich has a profound ratio against the poor. In capitalism, if they poor remains unattached to its wealth creation dynamics, the poor can continue to be poor and may dwindle down even worse all their lives, whilst if the rich remain constant or consistent, they continue to remain rich, and superfluously too. Since our world does not have any workable and reasonable alternative to capitalism, our focus in the 21st century should be in developing macroeconomic mechanisms which can moderate the excessiveness of this imbalance between the rich and poor in capitalist-centric societies, whilst also researching to develop better alternatives to capitalism. Communism and socialism due to their utopian dynamics have and will continue to be unreasonable and a failure.

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