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Following is a part promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Drops of water make an ocean and that's what drove us to the launch of our campaign, 'Clean Up Sharjah Campaign'. The campaign started last year under the leadership of Abhinav Singla and saw about 400 people participate. The campaign's aim is to encourage our fellow beings not to litter in their surroundings not only due to ecological reasons but also reasons  like beautifying our neighborhood. Last year the 500 students cleaned up about 4 neighborhoods in Sharjah spread across a month. This year we are having our campaign spread across a month and include a Recyclathon, Clean Up Walkathon, Tree-Planting Drive and a Beach Clean Up and is under the leadership of Harshith Belagur, Adithya Roy and Abhinav Singla. Our first event was the Recyclathon held on the 24th of October and we were able to collect 2020 kilos of newspaper from about 400 people out of which most of them were students. This indeed left a mark in the minds of most of the participants teaching them the importance of recycling. Our second event, The Clean Up Walkathon was on the 31st of October and saw about 600 people participate including 2 schools. We were able to clean up about 4 km of roads and roadsides thereby encouraging people not to litter. Our third event was the Tree Planting Drive which we held in association with the Give A Ghaf Foundation. We planted about 108 Ghaf trees beautifying our surroundings and help us make this world a greener place to live in. Our final was on the 14th November and saw about 300 people participate and we successfully cleaned about 4 kilometers of the Al Khalid Lagoon. All our events are supported by Bee'ah, Barakat Juices, Give A Ghaf Foundation, Together For A Better World, Students for the Earth and a number of sponsors who have helped us achieve what we have. We hope to motivate people across the globe to reduce their waste consumption, reduce litter and help make the earth a greener place to live in.

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