Cats are one of the only stray animals that can be found on the streets of Dubai; that means that animal patrols and animal shelters seem to be working well. But the presence of stray cats says that there is more that could be done.

Feline Friends is a wonderful organization that strives to eliminate this problem.

Stray cats live a deeply uncomfortable life under the scorching sun in Dubai, especially during summer. Water is almost impossible to find. Trying to get away from the heat, cats sometimes seek shelter in between the wheels of vehicles that have been parked outside, where they can sometimes be crushed to death.

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These stray cats need a shelter where they can live a comparatively better life. These cats need Feline Friends.

Feline Friends raises funds in various ways for the purpose of neutering and spaying so that the population of stray cats decreases.

One of the ways through which they raise funds is by organizing book sales. These book sales are held in Times Square, Dubai along with every Arte and in the Oasis Center, Dubai every third week on Friday. More details of the book sale are given on their website:

feline freinds

All these books come from donations that are made by the supporters of Feline Friends, volunteers and lovers of cats and animals. There are CDs and DVDs available at the book sale as well, along with Feline Friend calendars and bags. The cost of each book is 10 dhs and all the funds raised are used to help in neutering and spaying cats.

If you are a cat lover, or just want to contribute to the community, do support Feline Friends by attending the book sales, making donations, and, if you really love cats, perhaps you can consider fostering or adopting.

I love volunteering with Feline Friends and helping out in their book sales; and since FF runs mostly through the help of their volunteers, more volunteers are more than welcome. To register as a volunteer, take a look at this page:!volunteering/tlhxd

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