You may be the president of a country, a multitasking mom, or a busy student preparing for life-influencing examinations, but here are five extremely simple ways through you can create a profound difference and create a greener earth sans any hard work. These not only help make the earth greener but also, help in other ways.

1.       Try to minimize the number of plastic bags that you disperse your goods in when buying from the supermarket. If all the products you want can be fitted in two bags, instead of three, save using the third one. An even better way is to let go of taking plastic bags completely, by bringing jute bags from home. Many supermarkets sell these large eco-friendly jute bags that can be reused again and again, and at the same time comfortably accommodate everything you buy. Besides helping reduce plastics use, you are also saving non-renewable petroleum that’s used in making these plastics, and saving the supermarket some bags that needn’t be wasted.

2.       When buying everyday products like sprays, and electronics like refrigerators, just take a moment out to choose an eco-friendly one. These days ACs and refrigerators with minimized CFC generation are widely available.

3.       Take the stairs instead of the lift. By this you not only save valuable electricity, but also grant your body and muscles the pleasure of moving, it’ll help you burn calories as well. You can also fuel your car with eco-friendlier gasses like CNG, if that’s available. Use the public transport instead of the car, and walk instead of using transport whenever possible. I know this notion is cliché, but it really does help in reducing pollution as well as traffic on the road when people travel collectively. These facilities are also cheap and frequent, a boon from the government, why not use them?

4.       For every five efforts you make to get eco-friendly, try to plant a sapling in your backyard garden or pots in your balcony. I assure that there’s nothing that can match the feeling of happiness, and pride when we watch the little plantlets that we’ve tended to ourselves, grow. Gardening is a green activity and it is also a great source of relaxation. Moreover, it creates a positive aura over all the surroundings.

5.        Spread awareness. The most valuable and an extremely easy way to help the environment is to encourage others to do the same. If you’re a parent or teacher, instill affection for the environment in your children and as a student, we can propagate the massage of going green through the word of mouth.

It’s our earth, our home, and our own activities have made our future look gray, today. Let’s all join our hands together to paint our earth green again.

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