New Iranian President & Foreign Policy Optimism

The appointment of a diplomat, Dr Hassan Rohani as President of the Islamic State of Iran should not be taken in with conclusive optimism. Though a Doctor of Law from the University of Glasgow and though former forefront Iranian negotiator to the European Union in the Nuclear conflict, what people still do not know is that Dr Rohani is even tougher than the former president, Ahmadinejad. Before concluding on the person of Dr Rohani and how foreign policy at his time will be shaped, we need to factor in the political structure of Iran which has the Ayatollah as supreme leader and decider of governement, foreign policies too. 

However what I believe will write Dr Rohani's name in gold is "if he can use his discreation and experience with the West to prevent an exacerbation of crisis in the Middle East also a blown out face-off with the west". Most times as politicians and diplomats, when making decisions, we forget what the books say, think about the future of our children and listen to the directions of our hearts. We know how great leaders like John Kennedy (USA) and Nikita Khrushchev (USSR) overlooked the books and their country's proud and selfish foreign policy stands, took the courage and prevented blown out of proportion global crisis in their times.

~Amb Perry Ndubuisi Idejiora-Kalu is from the Policy Department of the IYC and chairs the IYC Working Group on Development, Environment, Agriculture, Democracy & Governance

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