Recent US Energy Policy, energy independence and benefits to the US economy

The smart energy policy of the Obama administration, to look inwards and generate its own oil and gas is indeed a policy to applaud. Though through fracking, with its huge environmental concerns, this policy will help the USA among other benefits achieve energy independence and increased energy security. The policy can possibly make the USA become the largest oil and gas producer. There are also very interesting foreign policy benefits here. The United States ability to independently generate its own oil and gas has the power of changing America's foreign policy for countries in the Middle East. Since it would not need their oil and gas anymore, questionable foreign policies aimed at sourcing the commodity or inability to clearly voice its concerns on certain matters, e.g human right abuses in these regions will become foregone. In all, generating oil and gas inwards is better and safer than buying from Russia and Saudi Arabia. Already the fracking policy has already turned states like North Dakota and Pennsylvania into energy powerhouses and dramatically brought down power costs for households and businesses. The US manufacturing industry is set to have a boom as a result of this, with huge earnings expected to be derived from increased manufacturing and exports. I applaud this policy. -Perry Ndubuisi Idejiora-Kalu chairs the IYC Working Group on Development, Environment, Agriculture, Democracy & Governance
Global Issues Department, IYC Policy Unit.

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