SynergY and IYC Chapter in United Arab Emirates by Simran Vedvyas Received Appreciation Award by DEWA Eco-Initiative of Youth at Earth Hour 2013

Inspiring and Unmatched Enthusiasm at Earth Hour 2013


Reported by Simran Vedvyas

Founder SynergY and Chapter Leader UAE


SynergY Receives Appreciation Award by DEWA for Eco-Initiative and Enthusiastic Participation at Earth Hour 2013

It was momentous for SynergY to receive the Award for the Initiative and Enthusiastic Participation during EARTH HOUR 2013 by His Excellency Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority DEWA. In his words -the historic Earth Hour 2013 has achieved the highest -energy- savings to date stated during the ceremony.  The Youth Group members also had  the privilege and opportunity to light the candles with DEWA Officials and were much motivated and encouraged by the officials from the ministries especially by the Director from Ministry of Environment and Water for Environment Education as they were the next neighbors in booth-set up. 

The commitment of SynergY is evident with their serious and focused participations’. SynergY members are primarily high achievers, ambitious aspiring and self-motivated students from various schools and institutions across UAE who believe that their efforts were well appreciated and recognized by the officials, and this led SynergY to BE the chosen Youth Foundation to display their unique initiatives with aim to motivate and inspire others too with their exemplary work.

Simran Vedvyas the Founder works globally with several recognized platforms and promotes the ethics and sustainability principals as UAE focal point.  A high school student leads SynergY Youth Group along with its Members as Volunteers with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). Being the youngest booth-setters did not stop us from being the busiest booth during the evening.  We independently managed a booth, interacted with families, youth and children promoting the need of Environment Education and endorsing the message -How much such events like Earth Hour mean to the generation today? 

 As we all know-Earth Hour is an event that was introduced in 2007 in Sydney. That day, 2.2 million people switched off their lights and other non-essential electronics. Following this, many other countries took the initiative and started up the campaign and now it has become one of the highlights of the season for environmentalists all around the world and this year 6.7 million people or more likely observed Earth Hour 2013.

Media Coverage by Leading Gulf News


In UAE at the Downtown Burj Dubai the Earth Hour Celebration preparation started since the afternoon.  The Organizers DEWA had prepared a spectacular stage with performances and celebration which included the amazing LED suit dance show,  African music and also celebrating the birthday of two characters Splashy and Sparky who are well known and recognized in the local community for promoting awareness to save water and electricity.  The one hour 60+ engaging parade and lighting the candles to mark the celebration included thousands without any barriers of age, gender or nationality. 

The Best of ‘Our Expressions’- by Aryan Shetty,  who is barely 6 years

"EARTH IS BEST" is truly worth a thought- YES - Earth is BEST!

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