Youth have to be included in policy and planning processes

The International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) believes that in order to achieve long-lasting stability in a country and boost development, youth have to be included in policy and planning processes. As part of our approach to understanding how this can best be achieved, the IIEP Plan With Youth Team has collected information about various initiatives targeting youth in three specific areas: peacebuilding, civic engagement and transition from school to work. It now comprises more than 200 projects in more than 50 countries. We hope that this mapping will be translated into an online tool that will allow others to be better informed about what is being done for youth and with youth worldwide and what tools are already available. So we can increase coordination and sharing of experiences and to encourage useful and creative initiatives we would really like to hear about the projects you have initiated in the three areas mentioned above. We have also conducted a brief scoping study for two countries –Liberia and Uganda- to explain what educational challenges youth are facing, how their government, development partners and civil society organisations are addressing these and what remains to be done. If funding allows, these will form the basis for more in-depth country based case studies.

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