The IYC is involved with a number of ongoing projects around the world.

On an International level, IYC is most focused on leadership development and policy dialogue. On the ground, we focus on actual development projects that meet development indicators.

International Projects:

- Think Global, Act Local

This program is run on a global scale, but is all about running educational programs within schools. Depending on the audience (age and background) we will present on international relations, careers, and youth leadership.

- Policy Initiatives

Every time the United Nations, other major NGOs, or Governments issue a call for policy perspectives and solutions, IYC is sure to engage our Members in the process.

- Conferences

We work to send youth all over the world to engage in policy discussions, intercultural dialogue, and leadership training. For more information, please see our Events page.

- Awareness

If there is a major international effort to solve a development crisis (such as poverty, health, environment) we will inform our Members and help them to get involved.

Grassroots Projects:

- Project Tracker

Many of our National Chapters and individual Members undertake development projects. We are currently working on a tracking system to make these dozens of projects easy to follow, which we will soon make public.

- Action Grant

Every year we provide a level of grant funding to the Chapters or Members that submit the best proposals for development projects that also empower youth. For more information, please see our Finance page.

IYC and FAF is collaborating on a set of new and exciting programs:

- Winter Session of the Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations (February 2015)

Youth Assembly at the United Nations is a unique platform created to foster dialogue and generate partnerships between exceptional youth, UN high officials and staff, private sector, and civil society.  FAF and IYC are committed to empowering youth to become active participants in the success of the UN Millennium Development Goals and the transition to the Post 2015 Development Agenda. Applications will open soon.

- Summer Session of the Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations (August 2015)

We are currently seeking funding to have IYC Chapter Leaders from around the world represent their constituencies. In the meantime, please begin to fundraise yourselves so you can attend next year!

- Huffington Post Partnership

We plan to continue a partnership with the Huffington Post, where IYC Members attending the Youth Assembly will have the opportunity to publish articles about their experiences, ideas, and plans on this major platform.

- Partnership with the Resolution Project

We want to expand our partnership with the Resolution Project, which awards development project grants of $2,000 or more to undergraduate students who are present at the Youth Assembly's Social Venture Challenge. If you are an undergraduate with a social venture, come to the Youth Assembly and apply for a grant.

- Service Learning and Peace Ambassadors trip

We are currently planning opportunities for IYC Members to join Service Learning and Peace Ambassador trips to countries like Ecuador, Cuba, and the Philippines to undertake development work.

- Online Training Programs

We are seeking funding and expertise to launch a series of monthly online training programs to help develop your practical skills and knowledge of important issues!


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